Atlantic American Partners Promo Video Series – Company (Chinese)

I was hired by Atlantic American Partners (AAP), which is a leading investment bank and asset management company at Tampa, Fl., as a video production specialist to produce a series of promotion video for its company and ongoing project. The target audiences is international audience, basically Chinese, who want to get their U.S. green cards through EB-5 investment. This series includes a company promo video, a project promo video, and an interview video which introduces some professional knowledge in EB-5 investment field. The last piece is still in production. As the producer of this video series, I take care of all aspects of production process, from brainstorming ideas in pre-production process, directing and filming in production process, to editing in post-production process. I also need to negotiate and collaborate with staff in different departments at AAP so that the whole filming process could go smoothly. This piece of video is to promote AAP to Chinese audience.

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