The environmental issue that Chinese villages are facing

Garbage is bothering villages in China

It’s her 1-year-old birthday today. Tan wears her red clothes. In Chinese culture, red means good luck and fortune. A birthday baby

Friends of the family come to celebrate. The family members have prepared delicious food for their guests.Children eating Bithday meal

It’s a happy day.

However, scenes around the house cannot make people happy.

After the celebration meal, all of the trash goes to the backyard of the house.Garbage around the house

There is no trash bin, no sanitation worker, and no regulation on waste disposal in the village. It seems that the village is becoming a landfill.

Garbage is everywhere between houses, in farmlands, and alongside streets.Garbage near the house

Garbage between houses

Garbage in the farmland

Trash in the village

Even domesticated chickens are living on garbage. Chickens standing on trash Trash and chickens

Tan’s village is not the only one facing the garbage issue. The above photos are common scenes in Chinese rural areas today. The rapid increasing speed of economic growth in China also produces huge amounts of garbage in its villages. However, the infrastructure construction in these villages does not seem to be enough.

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