CYM coffeeshop

CYM coffeeshop: Here, Music > Coffee

Sometimes, coffee and music are the same.


You can ask yourself:

How many times do you drink coffee when you are actually enjoying the music from your computer or a coffee shop?

Somebody combines these two perfectly.

CYM Coffee Shop, also called CYMplify, is such a place. It has a coffee shop and provides a place for people to share music.

Many musicians come here to play. Each of them has a different story with music in CYM.

Ray Steel is one of them.

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And a DJ as well as a musician, Shawn Manley, comes here too.

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Even, a 19-year-old musician joins in.

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At CYM, not only musicians come and share music. People who cannot play music also love to come and relax.

One such person, Robert Harris is a scientist. He proofreads papers at home. He loves music, which gives him inspirations to make porcelain.

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If you want to know how big the influence of this music magic is, you can see the following map. Musicians from different places come to this relatively small coffee shop to enjoy music.

To see a clear map, please click here.

Music, is a universal language. Coffee, is the taste of music. At CYM, you can enjoy the magic of both.

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